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TRU office

The contemporary office space is becoming more minimalist, digitised, and paperless every day. Nevertheless, certain hardware will always be needed. From pens and paperclips, to printer ink, to the caffeine-powered hot drinks that kickstart our mornings.

Tru Office is one place where you can procure everything you need to keep your workspace operational. Our range covers branded biros and umbrellas to steel toe cap boots, all with a low-price guarantee.


Specialising in office consultations to help you solve your furniture problems, we also provide office space consultations and furniture installation. Coordinated installation team takes care of the assembly of your new office furniture and storage, from flat pack desks and meeting room tables to complex ergonomic chairs. Our team of specialists can help you find the right office layout to suits your space and business needs, whether that’s minimalist or promotes creativity, or a bit of both. As well as designing the layout and plan of your office, we can help you pick the right style and size of desks to optimise your footprint.


For the more rugged work environments, Tru Office also supply high quality PPE from footwear to helmets, protecting our customers with superior durability and comfort. We work with an established network of workwear suppliers, ensuring that all forms of safety and workwear resources can be procured. Our workwear is fully certified, ethically sourced and covered with the correct, up to date EN Certification.